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Chocolate Mint Chia Pudding


1 TBS 365 Nourish Chocolate Greens Superfood Powder⁠
1/4 cup chia seeds⁠

1 cup almond milk⁠
2 tsp cacao powder⁠
1 TBS honey or maple syrup⁠
2 drops of food grade peppermint essential oil⁠

To serve

- Berries of choice⁠
- Mint Leaves⁠


1. Whisk the chia seeds, almond milk, Chocolate Greens Powder, cacao powder, peppermint oil + honey / maple syrup in a small bowl⁠

2. Allow to rest for 5 minutes, then whisk again to avoid clumping⁠

3. Allow to rest for at least 10-20 minutes or overnight until chia seeds have soaked up all of the almond milk⁠

4. Serve with fresh berries and mint leaves for an extra minty taste⁠