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Our processes

The most important elements to our business is exceptional formulation and production and ensuring that all of our procedures and working conditions with our suppliers and staff are above board. 

Since bringing our first product to market in 2017, we have fostered a close relationship with our suppliers.



Stage 1: Formulation
We work closely with our in-house Naturopath Team throughout the entire formulation stage.

This includes breaking down your ideas and suggestions, reviewing current market trends, in depth research and trial of certain ingredients and packaging design mock ups. 



Stage 2: Sourcing of Raw Materials
Once a formulation has been approved, the search for quality raw materials begins. We source our ingredients locally and imported.

This process includes Quality Control testing samples of each ingredient at every stage to ensure that the ingredients are of the highest standard for the product we are releasing to market. 



Stage 3: Manufacturing
Producing the product - Whether it be a powder or a liquid. The recipe is finalised and approved by our owner and our Naturopath Team and released to our Production Department to start creating and blending the product. 



Stage 4: Quality Control and Assurance
Ad-hoc checks are in place for our Head of Quality Control to taste, smell and touch the formulation to ensure that each recipe is followed correctly and that the product tastes, dissolves, smells exactly the way that it should.




Stage 5: Sealing
We use the highest quality machinery to bag and seal our products. Again, checks at random are in place for this process to ensure that the correct measurements are being packaged and that the bags are being sealed correctly.

During this stage the batch number and expiry dates are also stamped on each bag.



Stage 6: Delivering your order to your front door
This is out favourite part of the process! Going to market and seeing your orders come in through the system.

We take pride in processing each order, packing each order and sending off each order.