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Our Eco Journey

At 365 Nourish we are committed to the journey of having a positive impact on the environment and global community.

We are committed to the journey of limiting our social and environmental impacts not only through our sourcing and supply chain but on a more direct, daily basis in our place of work.

You might be wondering why we don't send any frills or fluff with your orders? Sure a Thank You card or a Recipe card would be nice to receive but we strongly believe that minimalism is best. Less is best. Choosing lower impact materials and processes are key.

You can however, expect all of your orders to be shipped in Better Packaging comPOST satchels. 


Planet earth free icon



Don't judge a parcel, by it's packaging. Our courier satchels are better for Planet Earth. 



Why Better Packaging? 

Our comPOST satchels are made from plants, corn to be exact, with a man-made binding agent added for flexibility.

They have a lovely, matte black finish with white graphics. 

Your shipping labels stick with no problem and the satchels are waterproof and strong.  

They are flat and behave exactly like a plastic satchel except when left in nature!

In a home compost they will biodegrade in 3-6 months - Yip, when you’ve finished using your satchel, pop it in with your food scraps and garden waste. 

Better for the environment, better for our oceans, a better tomorrow.

For more information on our Better Packaging choice click here.