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Vegan Ice Cream Bars


2 bananas
1/4 cup almond milk⁣
1 tsp cinnamon⁣
1 tbsp 365 Nourish Chocolate Greens Superfood Powder⁣
Half a block of @loving_earth⁣ Vegan Chocolate 
Nuts / fruit for decoration ⁣


1. Add the chopped bananas, cinnamon and chocolate greens powder into a blender and pulse⁣
2. Slowly pour in almond milk until the mixture is a little runny and free of any lumps⁣
3. Pour the mixture into ice cream moulds and freeze for at least 12 hours⁣
4. Heat a saucepan with a small amount of water and place a heat proof bowl over the top⁣
5. Place the chopped chocolate into the bowl and stir slowly until melted⁣
6. Allow the chocolate to cool by quickly putting the bowl on some ice and stirring continuously
7. Once cool, coat the ice creams which should solidify the chocolate⁣ at the same time
8. Add toppings of your choice (we love a mix of pistachios and walnuts)⁣ and place in the freezer for an hour to set