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Acai Berry Popsicles


1 tbsp 365 Nourish Chocolate Greens Superfood Powder
2 cups pineapple flavoured coconut water
1/4 cup raw white chia seeds
1 tbsp amethyst açaí berry super colour powder
1 tbsp agave syrup


1. In a glass measuring cup, measure 2 cups of pineapple coconut water

2. Stir in the chia seeds, amethyst açaí berry super colour powder and agave syrup until well combined

3. Place your popsicle moulds on a baking sheet and pour the mixture evenly into your popsicle mould

4. Stir the mixture while pouring it into the popsicle moulds to allow the chia seeds to disperse evenly

5. Allow the ice pops to "gel up" by leaving the moulds on the bench at room temperature, stirring frequently to avoid the chia seeds from sinking to the bottom

6. Place in the freezer until firm - preferably overnight